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Vegetable Oils >_<

I never use vegetable oils or margarine in Mischa’s Kitchen.  The reason why is these are artificially produced fats harmful to the body.  You may have heard of hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and polyunsaturated fats.  Fats from soy, genetically modified, high pesticides crops, and very chemically altered.  Bad fat.  This would be vegetable oils.  So … Continue reading Vegetable Oils >_<

Summer Weigh In

I have made a few changes. Drinking turmeric and ginger teas Drinking a lot of water Taking pharmaceutical quality vitamins 3 times a day. Gluten free – mostly Dairy free – mostly Far less fast food, candy, and sugary drinks I eased into these changes over the summer and now I am down 15 pounds … Continue reading Summer Weigh In

Hello Autumn!

The air is getting crisp and cool.  The trees are starting to turn a riot of beautiful colors.  And we’re all drinking pumpkin spice latte.  Guess that means it’s soup weather.  Get ready for a spicy chicken vegetable, ham and split pea, crab and corn bisque, and whatever other concoctions I come up with for … Continue reading Hello Autumn!


My friends suggested I go camping with them so I made a list of the things I needed — new friends!!  LOL.  JK.  My boyfriend is taking me camping with his family for 10 days.  There will be no bathrooms or electricity.  I’m not nervous at all!!  😉 I will be bringing my nutritionist’s morning … Continue reading Camping

Gluten Free So far

Gosh, it is hard to go gluten free.  I have not been able to have a perfectly gluten free day yet.  But I’ve cut it way down.  It’s been about a week.  So far, the scale doesn’t care, however, I am waking up much easier and am much less groggy at work.  So maybe gluten … Continue reading Gluten Free So far