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Gluten Free So far

Gosh, it is hard to go gluten free.  I have not been able to have a perfectly gluten free day yet.  But I’ve cut it way down.  It’s been about a week.  So far, the scale doesn’t care, however, I am waking up much easier and am much less groggy at work.  So maybe gluten … Continue reading Gluten Free So far


I finally decided to work with a nutritionist.  She says that being overweight produces inflammation in the body.  So her suggestion is to attack the known inflammation.  The usual culprits are gluten and lactose.  We will eliminate those initially to see if I am intolerant.  Excited to try something new!!!  Gluten free today.  🙂 Continue reading Nutritionist


Last night I went to hang out at my boyfriend’s place for the evening.  His nieces and nephew were there 4, 3, and 1 year olds.  I had planned to do a workout with my boyfriend and invited the kiddos to join.  They all had a blast doing squats, push ups and planks etc even … Continue reading Kiddos

Weight Gain & Weight Loss

There are lots of reasons why people gain weight.  It’s affected by age, gender, ethnicity, residence, job, job status, family status, financial health, athletic aptitude, pregnancy, stress, overall health… Therefore it really doesn’t work to say how every individual should go about losing weight, what diet they should be on, or how many times a … Continue reading Weight Gain & Weight Loss